Before you register, here is an interesting thing to know. Fascinator is a niche that if you take seriously can be very rewarding if you make it a serious business.

This training is put up to set you off into the world of Fascinators and with consistency and practice, you become good at it.

In this course are 14 Topics, 23 videos and explanatory notes.

What is Fascinator?

A fascinator is a bold, fashionable headpiece that you wear near the front of your head and slightly to one side. Unlike conventional hats that go over your head, a fascinator should look like it is balancing on your head.

What will you learn?

  1. Introduction to Fascinators
  2. Blocking a Mould
  3. Processing Fascinator Base
  4. Trimming Fascinator Base
  5. Turn Up Fascinators
  6. Working with Crinolines
  7. Embellishments for Fascinators
    • How to make a Cone
    • How to make a Leaf Decoration
    • How to make a Rose Flower
    • How to make a Bow
    • How to make Loops
    • Forming Designs with scraps
  8. Fascinator Embellishment
  9. Fabrics Fascinators
  10. Decoration With Crinolines
  11. Embellishing with Crinolines
  12. Spiral Crinolines
  13. How to Dye Sinamays & Feathers
  14. How to start your Fascinator Business.

Certificate is awarded after the completion of Training.

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Millinery Class
$ 17.50
Online course
6 Weeks
Open to everyone

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