Fabric embellishments are decorations that are normally added or attached to fabrics to make them more beautiful and add more value in terms of money. Today adding embellishments has become the ultimate tool of the decorator.

The embellishment on fabric can be achieved through printing, tie-dye, batik, stencils, lamination, bonding, Decorative cutting, Special seam applying and etc. But in this training, we will be considering the fabric embellishments and garment embellishments with Beads and Crystals.

  1. Introduction to Fabric Embellishment
  2. Introduction to different stones
  3. Creating Patterns
  4. Transferring Patterns
  5. Using Beads and Sequins for embellishment
  6. Embellishment with Pearls
  7. Embellishments with Petals
  8. Embellishments and crystals
  9. Beading on Kente (Ghana Fabric)
  10. Stoning Aso Oke (African Fabric)
  11. Using different sizes of beads for embellishment
  12. How to stone Lace fabrics
  13. How to Embellish Bridal Handband

Certificate is awarded after the completion of Training.

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Fabric Embellishment
$ 11.99
Online course
6 Weeks
Open to everyone

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