BRIDAL FANS are beautiful hand crafted fans that adorn brides on their big days. But really, that is not the only thing fans are made for but this class focuses more on that which are used by Brides.

In this training, you will learn how to make various Bridal Hand Fans (Outline below) using feathers, trimmings, fabric etc. The most interesting information you may need to know about this class is that all materials can easily be sourced for around you. You don't even need heavy machines to make them. The biggest machines you will need to make majority of the fans are pressing iron and scissors. Yes that’s right.

The class is interesting and carefully taught be our adorable and experienced trainer. You are right about to have an experience that is worth the time.



▪Ankara or Fabric bridal fan

▪2-in-1 (Rechargeable) Bridal Fan

▪Petals Fan

▪Embellished Fan

▪Flower Fan

▪Feathers Fan

Certificate is awarded after the completion of Training.

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You will Succeed.


Bridal Fans
$ 9.99
Online course
4 Weeks
Open to everyone

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