Before you read all, one of the reasons for this class is for you to set up your own business through the skills you will learn here. So at the end of the training, we will guide you on how to set up your business and we will help you develop a simple Business Plan that you can work with. Regardless of the number of classes you choose to take with us, you can create different Business Plans for each course.

In this class, you will learn how to make Beaded Headbands popularly known as Tiara. In recent times, you will find this at weddings of all kinds, pageant shows and in fact it is now part of dressing. So as you can see, there is market for you already.


  1. Introduction to Tiara, tools and materials needed.
  2. Single strand Headband
  3. Simple Headband with Pearls
  4. How to Wrap a Headband
  5. Sew in Headband
  6. Apricot Headband
  7. Designing a Padded Headband
  8. Head Vine with Wire
  9. How to Startup your Business.

Certificate is awarded after the completion of Training.

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Beaded Headband-Tiara
$ 9.99
Online course
4 Weeks
Open to everyone

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