Beads Making is a timeless art, a fashion signature almost difficult to beat. Of all accessories and jewelry, beadwork is the most versatile, ranging from the simplest to the most complex pieces. With CCI you get the best beads making tutorials to make Beaded accessories for yourself as well as help you transform your bead making passion into a multi-million venture.

This class is set out for Beginners and Intermediary levels. 


  • Introduction to Bead Making
  • Simple Bead Works
    - Snowflakes Keyholder
    - Heartshaped Keyholder
    - Beaded Bow
  • Matting
  • Bag Making
    - Forming Bags
    - Bag Cover
    - Beaded Bag Handles
  • Beaded Slippers
  • Princess Sandal
  • Beaded Jewelery
    - Necklaces
    - Bracelets
    - Ear Rings
  • Tissue Box
  • Beaded Headband / Tiara.


After this training, you should be able to make something for yourself, and with concistency, you will be able to startup a business in Bead Making. Access to the classroom is a one time Registration which can be accessed at any time for a Duration of 1 year.

Certificate is awarded after the completion of Training.

Click on JOIN CLASS (below or on the side) and have a great experience of a lifetime. Your registration gives you a lifetime access to the materials with no fear of your materials being lost. All you need is your email and password.

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Bead Making
$ 12.50
Online course
6 Weeks
Open to everyone

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